The Big One

For instance, I’m gradually getting closer to the realization that I’m probably not the saint/prodigal son/savior of mankind that I once thought myself to be. I’m just as selfish as the crowd that I’ve despised all my life, maybe in different ways but selfish nevertheless. I have some excellent books, movies and guest lectures to thank for that realization. I’m not sure if that gets birthday 2015 a hit or a miss, but I feel weirdly ‘light’ knowing the other side of me. Continue reading The Big One

The Flaw In Simplicity

Blood Diamond – The main guy dies. The Departed – Everybody dies. And Fight Club took it a step further. They didn’t tell us if the lead guy lives or dies. Edward Norton clasps Helena Bonham Carter’s hand and says “You’ve met me at a very strange time of my life.” and the music kicks in. And the buildings start blowing up around them. The credit system falls to ashes, celebrating the rise of independent lunacy. Continue reading The Flaw In Simplicity

Being Different

You’re different. You’re not the same as people who surround you. Where people see shades of black & white, you spot that filthy little gradient. That’s your little curse. You didn’t want to make a  lot of money when you were growing up. You wanted to be really, really famous. You didn’t play Cricket or … Continue reading Being Different