Why Me ?

5 thoughts on “Why Me ?”

  1. This experience of yours drilled my heart settled there comfortably in one of the four chambers or the septum and filled in the hole. It’ll remain in my heart till the eternity. It taught me one simple yet great thing. And i hope others get the message too.

  2. Hi Anon, hi “again” 🙂

    Thanks for noticing this one- it’s my favorite amongst everything that i’ve written on Lifesourcing so far- and by the way, i just renewed my domain subscription- so i guess we’ll have some fun with comments.

    Appreciate the attention.


  3. Ahhhh… good one. Your experience and the moral behind this story is good but I must say the way you narrates your experience makes it far more interesting. Worth spending my few minutes in reading it.

  4. and I wonder how someone could be so awesome !! You are amazing..:) I’m on a ride to your blog as I was feeling sorta idle today. Will end up reading all the posts till tomorrow. You are an inspiration, Shom Sir 🙂

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